Shanghai Eazee New Material Company Limited

Shanghai Eazee New Material Company Limited (shorted as Shanghai Eazee) is specialized in designing, manufacturing, developing and marketing chemical additives, including Cellulose ether series (MC, HEC and modified products), Redispersible polymer powders (RDP), Superplasticizer, Calcium formate, Retarder, Powder defoamer and Starch ethers, etc., they are widely used for construction Dry-mixed Mortars, Water based Coating, Automobile off gas treatment system and Personal Care industries, etc.


Through more than ten years development, Shanghai Eazee is now owning complete cellulose ether series production lines and one RDP plant with the annual capacity 60,000 MT in total. Shanghai Eazee is continuing focusing on the technology and know-how innovation and development. Currently, owning the world leading main stream cellulose ether production knowhow, supporting by the professional R&D technical team, Shanghai Eazee can provide different kinds of customer services related on the trouble shooting, new product design and development, superior customization, plant optimization, cost saving and technology resolution projects, etc. 


For the future, Shanghai Eazee is aiming to be the most influential chemical company providing the best system solution service and the most proper products all over the world.

  • MC series
  • Modified MC ranges
  • HEC
  • Air Entraining agent
  • Super Plasticizer
  • RDP
  • Retarder
  • Powder Defoamer
  • PP Fiber
  • Calcium Formate
  • Starch Ether
  • HEC
  • Color Paste
  • Waterproofing Emulsion
  • MC Thickener
  • MC



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